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Menlyn Gearbox & Diff Centre 'does' Auto-Electrical. But what is this?

Auto Electrical entails all vehicle electrical systems & components. The electrical system acts as your vehicle’s nervous center, sending signals to make everything run properly. Without the electrical system, your car wouldn’t have the spark it needs to ignite the engine. Along with providing this essential function, here are some key components that make up your vehicle’s electrical system:

Car Battery – essentially a power storage device, your car’s battery is used to start the engine and help run all the electrical accessories in your car, including the stereo, lights and power windows.

Alternator – the alternator acts as a charger for your battery, keeping it around 12-14 volts. Heat and extreme driving conditions work to push alternators and batteries to their limits at times, which is why most alternators only last 3-4 years.

Starter – generally only used a few times a day, your car’s starter is the biggest consumer of power in the entire system. The starter works by turning the engine’s crankshaft via the flywheel thus starting the combustion process.

Fuse Panel – finally, all of your vehicle’s electrical components are connected to the fuse box via wires. These fuses protect your car from short circuits and power overloads.

Because of all of these very important functions that the electrical system is responsible for, it is extremely important to keep everything well maintained.

Here are some tips to keep these components running smoothly:

  • Often the first sign of electrical trouble appears via a warning light that appears on your car’s instrumental panel. If the dreaded “Check Engine” light pays you a visit, one possibility is impending electrical failure. Make sure you get your car looked at right away so that you don’t get stranded!

  • If your charging system does fail in the middle of the road, you must shut off all unnecessary items connected to the electrical systems – such as the radio and interior lights – and get to a certified technician as soon as possible.

  • If your headlights go dim, it may be the result of a faulty charging system. The alternator contains carbon brushes that wear out quickly, and if that is the case, they are an easy fix. It could also be the result of an overloaded electrical system, and all unnecessary electrical items should be shut down to reduce the load. If the lights continue to dim, it may in fact be a failing alternator.

  • Regular maintenance of electrical system can help you overcome all the major problems that may happen to you. Menlyn Gearbox & Diff Centre makes sure your car is in tip-top shape. So if you’re in need of electrical system repair: Contact Menlyn Gearbox!

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