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Tip of the Day: Give Your Car Some Loving!

Wash it, wax it and vacuum it, and treat all leather surfaces. You will protect both the paint and the interior from aging prematurely.

You will feel better and even look better driving a clean and well maintained vehicle. Keeping your car washed is a low cost way to protect value and maintain appearance. Contaminants such as dirt, pollen, tree sap, air pollutants and deceased bugs can all damage the great looking finish and paint on your vehicle.

But did you also know that car washes improves Fuel Efficiency?

As absurd as it sounds, regular car washes will help to improve your car’s overall fuel economy. A layer of dirt on your car increases drag, causing it to use more fuel.2A washed and clean car allows for air to move more easily across its surface.

And don't forget about all the Bells and Whistles?

You can’t deny all the positive effects regular washes have on your car’s condition and value. But that’s not to say you need to pay for all the extra features some car wash companies offer. Here’s a quick rundown on a few that may not be worth paying for each visit:

An undercarriage wash isn’t necessary every time your car is washed, but it is recommended that you have this done once every season. A high-pressure undercarriage wash will eliminate any buildup of mud, salt, moisture, and other corrosive materials, preventing rust damage.

Opting for a wheel cleaning is a purely cosmetic add-on at the car wash. Brake dust—the black residue that accumulates on rims—won’t damage your vehicle the way dirt and grime will. However, if you want to keep your wheels and rims looking spotless, a wheel cleaning will do the trick—though it’s not a requirement.

Spray-on wax is another cosmetic addition that isn’t going to help a whole lot. But what this wax will do, is enhance the existing shine and help prevent water spots when drying. On the other hand, a car detailing usually includes a hand-wax, which improves the shine and protects the paint.

Why not make this month the month to give your car a little love and attention. It could save you in the long run!

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