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Menlyn Gearbox likes feedback. Luckily, we had some very good ones! Check out what people have been saying about Menlyn Gearbox, our Staff & our Service, both behind our backs and on our Social Media:

"We have an exceptional relationship and honesty between us."

Marcel Fleuriot / 06-07-2020

"Great service from the team and awesome will follow ups! Thanx guys"

Steven Klein / 23-01-2020

"Exellent service and exellent advice! I can recommend them any day!"

Barney Badenhorst / 14-01-2020

"Amazing service and expertise. Thanks to Gert, Wessel and Konrad for sorting my car out. My car's gearbox has never felt this good. Definitely recommended."

John Moffat / 21-08-2019

"Great and friemdly service which was really prompt and quick, my gearbox was dropped off early morning and I had full feedback before noon, furthermore the box was ready for collection early the next day! Thanks to Menlyn Gearbox & Diff for all the help and the great service!"

Matthew Hart / 15-07-2019

"Impeccable service with politeness"

Maggie Fleuriot / 11-04-2019

"Good Service." Monty Fetcher / 07-04-2019

"Today just before I got to work, my little Corsa Utility started making the kind of noises you'd expect from a running blender full of nuts and bolts. Now, its not much, but that two-seated, airconless rolling sauna was my only way of getting back home because I commute from PTA to JHB and back every day. I barely made it to the office with the poor thing lurching and shuddering...like a toddler who'd eaten his/her food too fast.

Once inside the yard though, the trouble really started because I still needed to maneuver it into one of the parking bays. After several attempts and the car uttering a horrifying screech of gearbox-related death every time I tried to put it into reverse, I finally got it out of the way of the other cars.

At this point I was in a flat panic. There was a very real possibility that I would have to get a tow truck to carry us both home and pay someone an exorbitant amount of money to fix my poor, slowly dying, bump-seeking missile. In despair, I started accepting my fate and called several places for advice on the matter as well as prices to fix it. What I heard, made my wallet shrivel up like that one raisin that falls out of the packet and lays in the back of the cupboard for a few months before you discover it again.

That was until I called these guys and spoke to Gert, He directed me to a few key locations under the hood of my old trooper to examine for the problem (which was just a loose clutch cable) and after a little tweaking, it was good as new. In short, these guys can even help you fix (small) problems with your gearbox malfunctions over the phone and, unlike the others that can do that as well, these guys actually take the time to do so.

Thanks a lot guys! Keep up the good work!"

Hein van Vuren / 15-03-2019

"Beste diens ooit! Baie dankie Gert en jou span."

Thia Grimbeek Du Plooy / 26-02-2019

"Great Service received. The guys are very helpful, understanding and honest. Thank you!"

Ronald Powel / 12-02-2019

"Great owner management! Friendly service and great knowledge with any vehicle issues! Always willing to help with transport in the most impossible situations... Where else will you find great service like that??? Love love love this place!"

Monache van Rij / 03-02-2019

"To drive an old vehicle is very risky. You never know when unforeseen costs will slap you from the side. But at Menlyn Gearbox & Diff Centre Konrad always goes out of his way to give his customers the best value for money whilst still giving the best possible service. I always drive away with peace of mind and have never enjoyed my car as much as I do after a Menlyn Gearbox & Diff Centre service! From a very happy custome. Thank you prof gearbox."

Doraine van Rij / 30-01-2019

"I always had good and friendly service." Marcel Serge Fleuriot / 26-08-218

"I would recommend these guys to anyone with confidence, I had my gearbox repaired by a company in Edenvale that swore they replaced all the components and charged me accordingly, the gearbox whined and I was told that was normal for a WRX and when the gearbox failed again I took it to Gert at Menlyn Gearbox & Diff and he repaired the gearbox brilliantly! it is now dead quiet and working perfectly, he was also able to determine that the internals were not replaced completely by the previous company and were possibly the reason behind the failure. Gert was very patient while I was waiting to hear back from the people who did the warranty on the vehicle and he went out of his way to find and inform me of other minor issues the car had outside of their scope of work. All in all a great experience, thank you Gert!" Bevan Taylor / 03-04-2017

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